Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Why We Should Stick To Qwerty :: essays research papers

Why We Should Stick To QwertyComputer Science 10The Qwerty keyboard - named Qwerty because the letters q, w, e, r, t, y arearranged next to each another(prenominal) - has been the universal standard since thebeginning of the 1890s. Since then, there have been many proposals by otherkeyboard makers to market products that would change users to type faster.Other proposals put the most frequently used letters - dhiatensor - in themiddle row.i Although these keyboards enable users to type far faster than theqwerty keyboard, they are rarely sold. There are several reasons for this.First, there is no need for the regular users to type any faster than at thecurrent speed. Second, for the people whose job charter fast typing, the newkeyboards can lead to bigger health problems that develop from continuous typing.Third, and most importantly, standardization has led the qwerty keyboards tofirmly hold the position as the keyboard.There are major differences between the two types of keyboar d users the regularusers and the other typists. The regular users are people who uses the keyboardfor word processing, e-mailing, and internet there is not oftentimes of a need forthem to type extremely fast. They do not type mechanically but rather based ontheir thought, and thinking takes time. In other words, faster keyboards areirrelevant for them because they are not continuously typing. They need tothink what they are going to write, one sentence one after another.On the other hand, the typists whose job is simply to type, do so continuously.They also happen to be the major victims of repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) whichis in large detonate caused by continuously stroking the keyboards. In an articleabout RSI, Huff explains the changes that the companies are undergoing to becomemore productive Many work practices are ever-changing with automation to increaseproductivity. These include fewer staff, heavier workloads, more taskspecialization, faster pacing of work, fewer rest breaks, more overtime, moreshift work and unaccepted hours, and more piece work and bonus systems. Thesework practices can entail very prolonged rapid or forceful repetitive motionsleading to have on and overuse of muscles.iiBecause RSI is a major problem to the typists, it would be a suicidal move forthem to adopt faster typable keyboards. More of them will develop RSI. As forthe companies that take aim these typists, not only will the frequency of RSIdevelopment increase, the amount of money that the companies have to compensateto the employees who develop RSI will also increase.

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